Otahuhu and District RSA History

The Otahuhu Returned Soldiers’ Club was founded in 1925 with the Reverend C.B. Seaton elected as President. The organisation was registered on the 8th of January 1929.

On the 26th June 1934 the name was changed from the Otahuhu Returned Soldiers’ Club to the Otahuhu and District Returned Soldiers’ Association.

In 1945 the RSA had premises in Avenue Road. They later moved to 14 Queen Street, Otahuhu and then to the corner of Park Avenue and Queen Street, Otahuhu. The women’s section had a serving President from 1946 onwards.

On 28 April 1956 the Otahuhu-Papatoetoe and District RSA formally opened its clubrooms and memorial hall in Queen Street, Otahuhu. During the ceremony a roll of honour listing the men of the district who had made the supreme sacrifice was unveiled.

The building was dedicated to the memory of those who had served in both world wars. However, the roll of honour listed only names from the Second World War.

These names were listed on the honours board in no discernible sequence and are here transcribed in alphabetical order:

  • K.A. Aiken
    C.E.J. Aitcheson
    C.G. Atkins W.G.
    Bain R. Bennett
    C.A. Bisman
    M.B. Bluck
    D.J. Box
    J.G. Broad
    J.F. Budd
    E.S. Clarke
    L.C. Clews
    S.A. Collins
    E.J. Colwill
    A.R. Cooper
    L.D. Evans
    G.H. Fenton
    C.R. Flood
    C. Ford
    E.E.C. Gardiner
  • F. Glendinning
    H.G. Grant
    R. Fuggle
    J.F. Funnell
    J.W. George
    R.J. Goff
    R.W. Griffith
    L.W. Hall
    B.J. Harris
    S.L. Harrison
    E.H. Haythorne
    B.P. Higginson
    D.P. Hogan
    S. Hubbard
    G.H. Jensen
    J. W. Johns
    H.G.D. Keane
    J.F. King
    J.H. Kirkland
  • H. Latta
    M.E. Lawes
    W.R. McComb
    K.M. McCulloch
    J.K. McDell
    J. H. Madigan
    P. Marx
    A.T. Merritt
    R. Miles
    J.A. Millar
    R.R. Moore
    D.L. Neal
    C. North
    J.V. Patrick
    J.N. Peart
    S.F. Piggin
    F.W. Pol
    F.C.M. Pope
  • M.T. Rosevear
    W.S.V. Rush
    W.S. Sharpe
    R.A. Smith
    L.B. Speedy
    L.W. Streeter
    P. Taylor
    F.R. Traynor
    J.G.G. Turner
    F.R. Wagstaff
    J.L. Wall
    E.G. Warner
    I.F. Waugh
    E. Westcott
    P.T. Wouldes
    A.J.C. Wren
    J.R. Wyllie

They included names not only from Otahuhu but also from Mangere East, Penrose and Papatoetoe.

In December 1998, due to declining membership, the Otahuhu RSA sold its building and moved in with the local workingmen’s club. The roll of honour was accidentally destroyed when the RSA vacated the building. Fortunately, the Otahuhu Historical Society preserves a photograph of the roll of honour and a record of the names. The Otahuhu RSA closed on the 31st August 2003 and became a subsection of the Otahuhu Workingmen’s and Cosmopolitan Club.